Revelers or foolhardy? Questions and ideas about clothing
Rats and clothing : The law of the hottest

The bad rat rules. The only norm of an out-the-box clothing.

Bad Rat Rules is a line of garments and more, designed for those who express its character in freedom. Signed by a large group of young rodents that populate the fashion reality and various lifestyles.
They go against everything and everyone. By setting up the best clothing trends, showing up their rude attitude at first sight, but imposed with style.

From t-shirts to hoodies, passing through the accessories. From men to women: the Rats dominate everyone!

Fan of the month: Favorite clothing by the Bad Rats

First Position : Starred clothing by the BRR band

The admirers of rugged alternatives. They are more extreme than the Rats and show their clothing with pride. Many are trying, but in the end only one deserves their respect gaining the top...

The winner is:

... Among many others the next could be you!

Bad Rat Rules


Last-hour attitude and alternative orientation: all combined with a hint of grit. But for they is not enough...

The Rats want to expand their domain on clothing towards new horizons.
Which field will be the proper way for them?

Reply to the survey and let us know your preference. Thanks to it you can contribute to the release of a new collection!

"How would you rather see the next Rats potraited?" Realistics;

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Worldly mices : Clothing models of the new generation
Rats clothing : Question on the future setting

Clothing imprint and direction : Thoughts and impressions

Orientate ourselves to the clothing of the moment with a personal touch. It remains in first place, but with originality!

Always being oriented to be current, but with a correct dose of personality. The real rats with eye, want to know your opinion about their presence and way of being.

Tell us your about Bad Rat Rules clothing. Every think is precious!